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Interserve helps Canary Wharf Government Hub reduce single use plastics

Interserve Group Limited, the international support services, construction and equipment services group, has pioneered a scheme which has resulted in a government building ditching disposable cups.

The stirring success has been achieved by the business’s catering team at 10SC, who are based at the Canary Wharf Government Hub.

Autograph, Interserve’s catering brand, carried out the work which will help the Government save almost 400,000 disposable cups annually, equating to more than 41,000 kg of CO2, 8.2m litres of water and a reduction in waste of more than 10,600kg.

Customers now drink from: their own receptacle; reusable rice husk cups which can last up to two years and which are also biodegradable; or mugs which can be borrowed for a deposit.

Oliver Miller, Workplace Director at 10SC for Interserve’s support services business, and his team responded to the Government’s target to stop using single use plastics by 2020.

He said: “I am proud we have completely stopped using disposable cups. It has been an excellent team effort and demonstrates how innovatively Interserve can respond to our customer’s requests.

“The Government has asked all of its supply chain to consider ways to reduce waste. We sat down as a team and planned our response, which has won praise from our customers.”

10SC now joins a number of other government buildings that have made the move to ditch disposable cups.

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