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Precision Location Tracking Launched On Two Way Radio

Motorola has launched the the world’s first multi-constellation satellite tracking system for two way radio handsets.

Renowned for its innovation in digital two way radio technology, Motorola has introduced an upgrade to its premium MOTOTRBO range, the E-series. Enhanced location tracking is one of a number of new features included.

Multi-constellation tracking gets its name from the fact that it uses more than one satellite system. As well as GPS, E-series handsets also use Russian GLONASS satellite navigation. By cross referencing location data from both systems, Motorola’s handsets can pinpoint location to a much higher degree of accuracy.

The DP4801e is the top-of-the-range model in the E-series. Designed to assist managers and supervisors in delivering mission critical communications when coordinating a large workforce, the DP4801e is packed full of advanced features.

As well as multi-constellation location tracking, it also supports Bluetooth 4.0 for beacon-based indoor location monitoring. Whether using satellite or Bluetooth beacons, the technology can share data with a control room via WiFi to provide up-to-date information about where personnel are located. This helps to support more efficient work and resource allocation and provide better safety protocols.

Aside from location tracking services, the DP4801e includes a range of communication options. It can be used to make private and group calls as well as whole-network broadcasts, and supports a work ticket allocation ticket. A display model with a four-line colour screen, it can also be used to send and receive text messages, and can be connected into a business telephone system.

Other benefits of the E-series cover a general upgrade in performance. The DP4801e boasts 16% better signal coverage than previous comparable models from Motorola, making it more reliable operating across larger areas. It can operate for up to 29 hours on a single charge, and audio quality is arguably the best available from any two way radio model, with a redesigned amplifier providing advanced noise cancellation and intelligent volume control.

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