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UK-based Tech Company go “Stateside” for Connected Workplace

UK-based Tech Company go “Stateside” for Connected Workplace

A leading UK-based technology company will be helping top US enterprises discover the latest mobile developments in connecting their workplace at Infocomm 2018 in Las Vegas.

NFS Technology Group, the workspace scheduling software specialists, will be working with digital visual communication experts ONELAN at the show on June 6-8 to demonstrate the benefits that advanced technology bring to today’s workplace.

Visitors will be able to see how Rendezvous Workspace, one of the world’s best meeting room and resource scheduling systems, can help organizations utilize their valuable space better – and improve employee productivity and wellbeing at the same time.

Luis De Souza, CEO of NFS, said: “Today’s workplace has changed dramatically, with flexible working growing and companies looking to maximize the value they get out of every square inch of space.

“A mobile workforce demands mobile solutions, and we’re expecting a lot of interest in our new multi-platform mobile apps, which allow agile workers to locate and book the meeting space and desks they need quickly and easily – even across time zones.”

Rendezvous Workspace scheduling software - which integrates seamlessly with Outlook - is used by leading law firms and major corporations in more than 25 countries for booking meeting rooms and conferences, along with video conferencing management. 

“Where tools such as Microsoft Exchange are insufficient, Workspace enables organizations to efficiently manage meeting rooms, desks, parking, visitor management and services such as catering, AV, IT and video conferencing,” said Luis. 

“The Rendezvous mobile solution-set, comprising QuickBook, our HTML 5 based platform and a range of mobile Apps will support our clients on the journey into a more agile workplace. 

“Our new generation of multiplatform mobile apps offers the user a great experience to locate and book the right space from anywhere. Whichever smart device you use (iOS or Android), our user-friendly apps support QR/Bar code scanning for easy check-in/checkout functionality.

“It’s a powerful system that also integrates with the latest occupancy sensors and beacons to display up-to-the-minute availability.”

ONELAN’s Reserva Room Signage range integrates with Rendezvous to display information for meetings scheduled in Workspace, while also providing an interface to book a meeting directly from the display.

Luis said: “It’s a privilege to be sharing a stand at Infocomm with our partners ONELAN – their digital signage products are global leaders, and a perfect complement to our Workspace system.

“We’re looking forward to a busy time at the show meeting friends old and new, and talking about all the benefits that our technology brings to enterprises and their workers.” 

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