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Disruptive Technologies (DT), producer of the world’s smallest smart sensors, has announced the launch of its new wireless temperature sensor. Incorporating innovations previously exclusive to the Disruptive Technologies Industrial Temperature Sensor series, the new product showcases impressive enhancements in battery life, temperature range, and accuracy. It also features dynamic heartbeat selection and an optional calibration service, setting a new standard in temperature sensing.

The sensor’s enhanced battery not only lasts significantly longer – its predicted lifespan at the lowest temperature range has increased from seven years to a remarkable 15 years – but is better able to cope with more extreme conditions. This means that the device can now operate in temperatures ranging from a low of -40°C to a high of 85°C, opening up a whole new range of applications for the sensor. 

While Disruptive Technologies products have always been known for their innovative approach and high degree of accuracy, the new temperature sensor comes with the option of professional calibration services. Adhering to a rigorous, NIST-equivalent, 5-point process that complies with ISO 17025 standards, the company assures product accuracy of ±0.25°C upon shipment. While the sensor’s low-temperature drift allows it to maintain an accuracy of ±0.5°C for more than five years.

The sensor can also be ordered with heartbeats at 5, 15, 30, 45, or 60-minute intervals., with the potential for measurement configuration available through the DTStudio Cloud Application, or its REST API. This can enable measurement intervals as short as every 30 seconds. 

Like the rest of the Disruptive Technologies sensor range – Touch, Proximity, Water, Humidity, CO2, Motion, Desk Occupancy – the wireless temperature sensors are small, wireless, and discrete.

Bengt Lundberg, CEO of Disruptive Technologies, said: “We are really excited about the specification of this new temperature sensor. There is really nothing else quite like it on the market, delivering both exceptional longevity and performance. While it caters for a wide variety of industries, it is a game changer for the cold storage industry, providing more flexibility, better reliability and a longer lifespan than the market has seen before.”

The new Disruptive Technologies temperature sensors are now available to order. 

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