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The purchase of cleaning machinery is an investment for most businesses, with a business case required to justify the outlay. That’s why Kärcher Professional UK has announced its new Buy Back* initiative, whereby commercial customers can trade-in their old cleaning machines for a discount against the new equipment, saving money on the purchase and safe in the knowledge that Kärcher will responsibly recycle the outdated model. 

Kärcher prides itself on its outstanding customer service package, which features live support, expert engineers, machine repairs and loan machines to name a few. The new Buy Back scheme will enhance this existing Kärcher service offering with a completely new opportunity for customers to benefit from. 

The initiative includes not only older Kärcher models, but also legacy machinery from other manufacturers. The only stipulation is that the customer is purchasing the same category machine they are trading in, for example a scrubber dryer traded in for a scrubber dryer. Once the new machine has been delivered, the old one will be transported to Kärcher HQ to be reviewed and categorised before following one of two routes. Either removal to the Kärcher Used Equipment site for refurbishment, re-selling or donation, or, if not in a state of economical repair, it will be responsibly stripped of component parts, separated and then recycled through approved partners. 

To take advantage of Kärcher Buy Back or find out more, customers should contact their Kärcher representative to register interest. 

Paul Bensley, Sales Director at Kärcher UK said: “Utilising the latest cleaning equipment has a direct impact on the efficiency of cleaning processes and team productivity. While we are very aware that businesses may hesitate to buy brand-new equipment, we believe the results will make it worthwhile and hope our Buy Back scheme will help make the purchase decision easier. As well as upgrading their cleaning arsenal, customers can enjoy easy and sustainable disposition of their old equipment, while realising some of the value of their legacy asset. We very much hope our Buy Back scheme will give companies the impetus to improve and enhance their cleaning machines.” 

*Kärcher’s Buy Back scheme is running until 31st July

Call:01295 752099. 

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