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What did the legendary management consultant and author, Peter Drucker, really mean when he said: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”? Corporate Office FM specialist, Anabas has explored this very topic in their latest whitepaper. 

Delving into what makes organisations tick, with a focus on how culture and business strategy should go hand in hand, it looks at how culture can provide the flexibility and innovation needed for organisations to meet strategic objectives, whilst allowing business strategy to adapt to rapidly changing environments. 

Alistair Craig, Managing Director at Anabas commented: “To keep our finger on the pulse of the FM industry, we have produced a series of whitepapers looking at topics such as the evolution of agile working and the importance of facilities managers and their role in making hot-desking work. 

“Our latest white paper explores the benefits of developing an organisational culture that allows people to thrive and innovate. We touch upon the 12 elements of a fantastic workplace, and the ways to achieve them, as well as providing practical insight into workplace strategy.” 

Download your copy of Anabas’ latest whitepaper

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