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The Advanced Workplace Institute (AWI), the research arm of global workplace consultancy Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA), has launched its 2030 Visions research programme, a two-year enquiry into life, business, work and place in 2030 and beyond.

The research programme aims to equip senior leaders with responsibility for their organisations’ work and workplace strategies with the insights to enhance decision making and bolster strategic business contribution.

To mark the start of a new decade, AWI will host a series of leader forums and workshops in London and New York throughout 2020 and 2021, in addition to ongoing qualitative and quantitative studies. Leading experts from the realms of economics, business, technology, artificial intelligence, sustainability and education will give their considered views and predictions for the future, while the focus groups will canvass the views of real estate, facilities, HR and technology leaders in order to determine what organisations and their workforces will look like in 2030. The two-year programme will culminate in a framework that inspires action by providing leaders with a roadmap for workplace experience management.

The wider research programme will review how the global economy is set to change between now and 2030 to ensure the IFMA-adopted Workplace Management Framework, co-authored by AWI, continues to evolve in line with occupier needs. The study sessions will also explore the impact of artificial intelligence, machine learning and technology on the workplace and workforce in the next 10 years.

As part of the 2030 Visions programme, AWI will update two sets of pre-existing research: a Cognitive Fitness study that identifies 13 factors that impact the brain’s performance; and the Knowledge Worker Productivity research project that identifies the six factors that have been proven to unleash the potential of a workforce.

Karen Plum, leader of AWI’s 2030 Visions programme, said: “Designing a workplace experience requires a very different approach to the disintegrated traditional process we see today. It requires a holistic, multi-disciplinary design team and process that explores how every second and every sense can be used to deliver value. We’re very excited to be working with the AWI community and our network of specialists to provide a blueprint of best practice moving forward.”

AWA Founder Andrew Mawson added: “If we are to truly meet the needs of our workplace ‘consumers’ in the decades ahead, we need to find out more about them – potentially segmenting them into clusters and gearing our ‘offer’ to their interests and requirements. The 2030 Visions programme will explore the skills, processes and techniques needed to manage workplace relationships. AWA exists to change the world… of work. And it is our hope that this research programme will help develop and promote a culture of innovation, experimentation and playfulness.”

The programme will run parallel with AWA’s Workplace Week New York (June) and Workplace Week London (November) events.

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