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InnuScience, a specialist in commercial cleaning systems based on biotechnology, has introduced its RSG (Ready Set Go!) range of products.

RSG products can be used wherever there is a water source and include a simple integration with a portable dilution system. A dispensing nozzle allows easy dispensing of the full range while the closed loop system ensures accurate dilution and eliminates risk of mixing products. 

The super concentrated products and the accuracy of dilution makes RSG highly efficient and the reduction required in staff training and/or the installation and maintenance of wall mounted systems makes RSG a great value-added system. 

The seven-strong RSG product range features biotech-based degreasers and cleaners, cleaners for soap scum and scale residues, odour purifiers with cleaning action and anti-slip floor cleaners.

Mitchell Corner, Managing Director EMEA at InnuScience, said: “We have been trialling RSG products with a number of contractors who love their compactness, the ease of dilution and the exceptional cleaning and cost performance of InnuScience products. The products are also fully Ecolabel compliant.

RSG forms an integral part of the InnuScience message around “Justified Disinfection” which advocates disinfecting only where and when it is useful and relevant, a cornerstone to its corporate vision to change the way the world cleans.

InnuScience recommends that disinfectants should be used only on critical high frequency touch surfaces in washrooms such as door handles, taps, toilet flush handles, light switches and handrails.

They also assert that effective and thorough cleaning with high quality detergents across all non-critical touch surfaces in washrooms such as floors, urinals, ceilings and most walls is as effective, if not more so, than widespread use of disinfectants as these are areas that are not typically touched and do not represent a real biological risk to health.

The products were unveiled at the General Assembly of the Fédération des Entreprises de Propreté & Services Associés (FEP) at the Palais de la Meditérannée in Nice on September 24. The event was FEP’s South East regional annual conference. 

FEP is the only employers’ organisation representing the cleaning companies and associated services sector in France.

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