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The hotel industry in the UK and across the world has changed, as more and more visitors seek a higher standard of all-inclusivity from their host venues.  In fact, many hotels now attract more customers based on their internal restaurant and catering offerings, which is why kitchen cleanliness is now just as important as clean linen in the bedrooms.

Decarbonizer is currently being used in kitchens of a number of well-known hotel groups across the country, ensuring the food being prepared is done so on equipment which has been thoroughly and properly cleaned.

Many hotels now boast luxury and five star restaurants which are not just serving breakfasts and evening meals.  These restaurants are attracting customers who aren’t necessarily staying at the hotel such as customers booking a table in the evening to enjoy the fine dining experience, or arrange an afternoon tea package with friends.

Decarbonizer Manager, Gordon Hunter, said: “Many of our hotel customers experience a constant and high demand in their kitchens, so not only is it important to ensure that their equipment is properly cleaned, but that their time is managed properly.”

Decarbonizer is a stainless steel soak tank system designed to clean a range of kitchen equipment, removing grease and burnt on carbon quickly and easily without the need for scrubbing by hand.

Gordon continued:  “The feedback from our hotel and hospitality customers clearly shows that, by being able to leave equipment to be properly cleaned in the Decarbonizer, their kitchen and front of house staff have more time to focus on other priorities in the kitchen as well as being able to spend a better amount of time actually serving customers.”



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