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by Swift Cleaning

Even though time is constant, it is also finite and subject to perception. A workday may be the same length as it always has, but it definitely feels shorter and shorter as time goes on.

If you run a business, you’ll know exactly what we mean.

There’s more to do, an increased number of responsibilities and an added complexity for everything. Then there’s Covid-19. A challenge for even the most efficient business.

Cleaning is one of those essential tasks that has to happen, but can take far too much time and effort to do yourself.

Which is where commercial cleaning comes in.

At Swift Cleaning, we think every business has better and more productive things to do with their time than cleaning, yet it has to be done.

If you’re not yet convinced that commercial cleaning is for you, we’ll give you five compelling reasons why it is.

  1. Increased absence through sickness

Some level of absence is inevitable and part of running a business, but if it becomes excessive, it can impact productivity.

Absence through avoidable sickness can also impact morale, staff turnover, individual productivity and the atmosphere in the workplace.

None of those things are conducive to growth, efficiency or a happy environment.

If you add Covid into the mix, this becomes increasingly important. Even if there is little or no risk of infection in your workplace, the perception of risk is still present.

Everyone, from all walks of life are very sensitive to the risk of Covid and from infection in general right now.

If staff see others absent through illness, especially avoidable illness, this will just make them anxious, and nobody wants that.


2. Uninspiring workplace

There’s something about a clean space that makes you feel good. Even if you don’t consciously notice, your subconscious will.

All other things being equal, a clean workplace can help improve morale and how people feel about it.

While commercial cleaning won’t overcome other deficiencies, if the workplace is otherwise good and provides for staff needs, cleaning can make a genuine difference.

Staff respond better when they work somewhere conducive. That’s why companies spend so much money on them.

It’s why some employers include gyms, breakout spaces, co-working spaces, games areas and all those other amenities.

You don’t have to go that far as a clean space can also be effective.


3. Lower productivity

We all know the key to productivity is high morale, the right training, the right equipment and the ability to perform key tasks efficiently over the longer term.

If staff have to their workspaces, have to hunt through rubbish or dirt to get components or products, they aren’t going to hit targets.

Cleaning tools and workplaces takes time and impacts productivity.

Having to perform cleaning outside their core tasks will also impact staff’s feeling of worth and overall morale.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, if staff need to clean workplaces, wipe down phones or keyboards or clean up before working, it’s not a good place to be.

Plus, efficiency is the key to survival for any business. You have to extract maximum value from every resource, including staff.

If they are spending time on non-work tasks, they aren’t being as productive or as efficient as they could be.


4. Not enough time for core tasks alongside cleaning

If you or your staff are cleaning alongside your core roles, something will eventually have to give.

If quality or productivity drops, the whole business will be impacted. Staff won’t feel valued and will become frustrated that they are spending time cleaning when they should be productive.

Low quality cleaning won’t have the effect you need and drops in product quality through lack of time won’t help your business.

This is even more important in specialist or professional roles. You’re paying staff for their expertise, not for cleaning. That’s an expensive way to operate!

Hiring a professional commercial cleaner can help with all that.

Staff can spend their day doing the job they joined for and be productive. Your cleaner can do what they joined their job for and provide a superior cleaning service.


5. A customer notices or comments

This final reason you need commercial cleaning is arguably more important than staff morale or any level of productivity.

We have personally seen workplaces where customers or visitors have commented or mentioned the level of cleanliness.

If a customer notices your workplace is dirty or unclean, how are they supposed to have confidence in your ability to deliver quality elsewhere?

How is a customer to think you run a tight ship or are efficient enough to deliver on their needs?

While the reality of your business means one thing has nothing to do with the other, the customer impression is essential.

Those are just five of the many reasons working with  professional commercial cleaners makes sense.

We’re sure you can think of more, but we’re equally sure you got the message.


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