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Tomorrow’s FM talks to Jamie Allam, CEO of Amthal, about the company’s rebrand and why it’s changing strategy to have a greater focus on facilities management. 


Could you tell us about Amthal’s new direction – why now and what does this mean for the company?

Amthal's new direction reflects our commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation and meeting the evolving needs of our clients and facilities management industry. 

The move stems from a combination of factors, including changing market dynamics, technological advancements, and a deep understanding of client requirements. 

Whereas Amthal was born in the residential scene, we have evolved over 23 years as a proactive response to emerging challenges and opportunities, especially in the building security and facility management landscape. 

Technology continues to reshape industries and Amthal recognises the importance of adapting and offering solutions to align with the latest demands. Especially when we now have to consider different working dynamics, including hybrid working.

For the company, this new direction represents a strategic evolution, leveraging our expertise while embracing new possibilities. 

It means Amthal is primed to deliver integrated solutions to address complex security issues, enhance operational efficiency, and elevate customer experiences. 

As we move forward, Amthal is excited to continue its journey of growth and to set new standards in the security, fire safety and facility management arena.

Will there be any change in the business with the new direction?

The transformation you see on the website and in our new branding and key messages is designed to communicate our redefined core values, our commercial expertise and our commitment to customer excellence. 

Our new tagline, “Total Protection, Guaranteed Compliance”, sums it all up in one short phrase.

Total protection: We are committed to offering the ongoing monitoring, maintenance, testing and upgrades required by estates, site and facilities managers. 

Guaranteed compliance: We understand true fire safety and security now go beyond protection alone — it also means adhering to legal requirements and best practices. 

In an age when facility and security managers and responsible persons are over-stretched, time deficient and under-resourced, we believe we have a duty of care to offer the necessary support in line with existing and new legislation to provide peace of mind.

What specific enhancements or solutions does Amthal plan to offer facility managers in this new focus?

Amthal has significant experience working with Facility Managers, providing bespoke solutions to address diverse challenges and needs. 

We will continue to offer advanced integrated security systems to streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency. We want to tap into the pressure points for FMs, including the need for compliance with evolving legislation, especially when it comes to fire safety.

By focusing on these enhancements, Amthal is committed to empowering facility managers with the tools they need to create safer, more secure, and well-managed environments.

How do these cater to the unique challenges and requirements facility managers encounter in their day-to-day operations?

Amthal's solutions for facility managers are designed to align with the specific challenges and requirements faced in daily operations. 

We understand facility managers juggle a range of responsibilities, from ensuring security and safety to maximising resources and smart building management. I see this as being akin to a music conductor, leading an orchestra where Facility Managers have so many elements to coordinate in their role.

We are here to help and remove the stress and responsibility for security and fire safety as our area of expertise, to ensure a safe environment, whether it be for residents or a workplace.

Risk Assessments: We work with FMs and responsible persons right from the initial risk assessment phase to understand building requirements and design a suitable fire safety and security solution.

Integrated Solutions: Ensure access control, CCTV surveillance, alarms and fire safety can be covered under one platform. This streamlines management, enabling facility managers to oversee measures seamlessly.

Remote Management: With cloud-based and remote access capabilities, facility managers can monitor and control security systems from anywhere. This flexibility allows a prompt and efficient response. 

Real-time Alerts: Our alarm and notification systems provide real-time alerts for any anomalies or security breaches. Facility managers can take immediate action, mitigating potential risks swiftly.

Data-driven Insights: Analytics and reporting tools offer facility managers valuable insights into traffic patterns, occupancy rates, and more. This data-driven approach supports informed decision-making and resource optimisation.

Scalability: Solutions are designed to accommodate the diverse needs of facilities of all sizes. Whether it's a single building, a sprawling site or a multi-site complex, our services can scale accordingly.

By addressing these unique challenges and requirements, Amthal continues to maintain and monitor security and fire safety solutions, ensuring systems are fit-for-purpose by site requirements. 

How will you embrace the new dynamics and approach to smart security and fire safety for the benefit of FMs?

As technology continues to advance and new threats emerge in fire safety and security, we are conscious of harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, cloud technology and video analytics, embracing the Internet of Things (IoT) to adopt a holistic approach to risk management.

The benefit to FMs is to utilise the latest technologies and our close working partnerships with industry leaders in security and fire safety to not only safeguard occupants and assets but also optimise operations. 

Instead of standalone solutions, we know FMs are often looking for comprehensive security platforms to combine access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, and other security elements. 

From a fire safety perspective, as in security, the evolution of cloud-based technology has transformed the way operations are managed. It has introduced a new era of efficiency and effectiveness, allowing for real-time monitoring at any time, from anywhere.

This new remote accessibility enables faster detection and response to fire incidents, reducing risks before they escalate. 

Cloud-based platforms offer scalability and flexibility, allowing organisations to easily expand their fire safety infrastructure as needed. By centralising data and analytics, cloud technology enhances predictive capabilities, facility managers can proactively identify areas of concern and implement preventive measures.

Through seamless integration, predictive analytics, and user-centric design, Amthal redefines how FMs perceive and manage security and fire safety.

What does the future hold for Amthal?

The future for Amthal is a dynamic landscape of innovation, collaboration, and continued growth. One where we align with our position as a trusted partner to our Facility Manager customers.

Collaboration is key to this vision. We will forge stronger partnerships, bringing together industry leaders, experts, and clients to collectively address emerging challenges. We will continue to offer solutions that cater to the evolving needs of our clients, providing smarter, more efficient ways to safeguard their environments.

Amthal's future also involves a deep focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility. Our solutions will not only enhance safety but also contribute to reducing the environmental impact of security and fire safety systems.

And it’s not just in our rebranding that we are embracing change. In our team too, where founding directors can reach a position to move to be advocates for the company and play more of an advisory role, allowing fresh talent to steer Amthal as a business. 

As a company, we have always believed in the importance of apprentices and nurturing growth within our team. It’s where the senior management team started. 

Moving forward, to create a working environment where new generations can develop fruitful careers in security and fire safety, embracing the opportunities for senior management, where we actively welcome new multigenerational changes.

Most recently, we are thrilled to introduce Reece Paprotny, who has been promoted to Commercial Director. Reece joined the company as a finance apprentice in 2015 and quickly established himself as a valuable asset, joining the senior management team in 2017 and winning local awards as an ambitious Young Employee.

Ultimately, Amthal always has been and will remain an independent, family-run business. Our future will encourage this throughout our team in a bid to identify members who can contribute to Amthal’s growth and continued success. 


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