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It is important that within the workplace, you have a dedicated and motivated team otherwise this can lead to all sorts of issues. This can include poor retention rates, absence, and performance related issues. Unfortunately, people will think that the answer to a lot of this is around reward and pay (incentives) however although a good pay may help, this is not always the immediate call to action. 
With Covid-19, there has been a massive change in people’s attitude to workplace environments and a lot of changes made to companies. This includes a lot more working from home, which will mean that there is a potential restriction on face-to-face interaction between employees. Here are some tips to help improve your team’s morale.
Team Building Activities
Getting the team out for a day doing a team activity is something that can really help spark a lot of interest and boost morale. There is specific London team building events that are designed to bring the team together and get them working more closely together. Initially some of the team may feel slightly apprehensive about doing these sorts of things but as soon as they get a little out of their comfort zone you will immediately then see that most of them will take an active part and enjoy it. These events are not too costly and if you book in advance usually you are also able to get some good discounts. The fact that these companies specialise in this, you will then have a choice and some guidance in terms of what activities will best suit your desired outcome. 
Online Games
You may work for a company where it is near impossible to get everyone together for a face-to-face activity. This could be due to geographical locations and people based in various locations in the UK or even around the world. It is important in these circumstances that companies still try to get people well connected and there are many different creative and innovative things out there to support. Some companies will ensure they have the technical capability for employees to video connect through Teams or similar. 
With this capability, you could decide to run some online event getting everyone together. Things such as a quiz or game online seems extremely popular. This may seem simple, but it shows as an employer you are going that extra mile to try and engage the employees in a more “dressed down” environment. To host the quiz or game, you could try and facilitate this yourself or there are companies out there now that will specialise in this and make it a lot more professional.
Appreciation is the key to keeping people’s morale high. If employees feel appreciated in a company not only, will they go that extra mile for their employer, but they will be more likely to retain themselves in that employment for an extended period. There are many different ways that you can appreciate your employee . This can include a financial reward such as a bonus or a shopping voucher. Giving even a small amount to an employee through this mechanism could brighten up their day. Some other employees would rather feel appreciated through a simple ‘thank you’ or similar. Not all employees would be motivated by the financials and being taken in a room to be told that they are really appreciated, may tick their box more. It is important to note that appreciation is taken differently by people, and you should try and understand what best makes different people feel appreciated.

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