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Veraco, a UK-based developer of antimicrobial innovations, has unveiled Clinsail, a protective cover for common touchpoints made from antimicrobial technology.

Healthcare-Associated Infections (HCAI's) cost the NHS an estimated £2.7bn per year. In one case, 39% of patients had contaminated hands within 48 hours after admission to hospital, with at least one pathogenic organism.

In a study of intensive care units, only 50% of surfaces were cleaned adequately. Improving the hygiene of surfaces is one of the biggest challenges facing the NHS. A recent study published in the Lancet highlights that Sars Cov2 on surfaces and hands was a major contributor to the spread of the virus.

In collaboration with leading NHS trusts, Clinasil has been clinically proven to aid cleaning and prevent the growth of microorganisms. The products had 98% less organisms on their surfaces 14 weeks after installation at Bradford Teaching Hospital, compared to the same surfaces before installation. 

At Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust Radiotherapy Department, 12 months after installation, Clinasil had 93% or 14 times fewer microorganisms than untreated surfaces. Furthermore, they provide a 99.99% reduction in MRSA, E.coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Golden staph, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and 99.96% against C.Diff, when tested in an independent accredited UK lab. 

‘Smart surfaces’, like Clinasil are considered to be the future for infection prevention. A team of researchers from Imperial College London released a briefing paper stating 'Molecular science and engineering approaches can be employed to develop “smart” surfaces that could reduce microbial attachment, actively destroy microbes, and disrupt the microbial habitat. Such antimicrobial surfaces have the potential to provide effective, low-cost solutions to combat microbial contamination, transmission and antimicrobial resistance. 

Charles Churchman, Head of Innovation said: "We're thrilled to launch Clinasil, our latest innovation in antimicrobial surface covers. Collaborating with leading NHS trusts over a 12 month period is a vital and ground-breaking step to demonstrate the positive impact of Clinasil across both workplace and healthcare."

Joe Maslen, Radiotherapy Department at Imperial College NHS Healthcare Trust said: "The Veraco products have been a great addition to our Radiotherapy department, offering both staff and patients reassurance that infection control is being taken seriously. I've found an increased confidence and peace of mind using surface touchpoints, knowing microbial levels are being passively reduced."  

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