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GWE Group, the original manufacturer of voltage optimisers, has launched its eco-max new surge protection product into the electrical marketplace.

The eco-max surge is aimed at helping industry, commercial and domestic customers protect and extend the life of expensive electrical systems or appliances which are critical for running a home or business. 

In addition, it also helps protect against any internal or external electrical surges, such as changes in distribution on the grid and motor start and stops. It will also protect from any lightning strikes not only to your property but any surges in the supply generated by them.

The move to launch into surge was primarily due to the company seeing increased enquires from energy managers and on-site property supervisors looking at ways to reduce maintenance costs and protect equipment.

Wayne Cramer, MD of GWE Group said, “We’ve been helping businesses and homes protect their electrical equipment for over 25 years, but we wanted to add more protection, especially for expensive machinery and equipment.  As businesses get back up and running and more people are working from home, the eco max surge is a welcome addition for those who want to avoid any expensive electrical repair costs in the future.” 

The eco-max surge is an ideal complimentary product alongside a voltage optimiser and can be easily fitted by a qualified electrician. All products across the eco-max range come with a 10-year guarantee and can be found in all UK electrical wholesalers or by contacting GWE direct.

Price List:

eco-max Lightning & Surge arresters combined – starting from £182.14 up to £576.43

eco-max Surge arresters 230 volt – starting at £90 up to £105

eco- max Surge arresters 400 volt – starting at £150 up to £212.14

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