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Safe and Sound Security looks at five ways hotels can operate safely in 2021. 

The latest edition of the UKHospitality and CGA Quarterly Tracker has revealed a 54% drop in sales for the hospitality industry in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Without much warning, hoteliers had to rethink and, in many cases, redesign their physical security layout. Social distancing, quarantine protocols, and lockdowns presented many obstacles for hotels to operate in a safe manner.

Many hoteliers turned to their security integrators for guidance on how to incorporate new technologies or in some cases use existing systems to support their new safety initiatives. 

With 2020 behind us and widespread vaccine distribution on the horizon, the second half of the year is looking better but as security integrators, we still advise our clients in the hospitality industry to proceed with caution. 

Indeed, security integrators have helped hoteliers adapt to this new environment by providing sound guidance when it comes to integrating video surveillance, access control, and other technologies in a safety-focused environment. 

Reopening safely, and in compliance with emerging mandates, will require a combination of human effort and technology such as intelligent video surveillance. 

Here are five security insights to help hotels operate safely in 2021:

Arrange your video surveillance to support safety protocols

Video surveillance is a critical part of a hotel’s physical security posture. The ability to monitor public spaces, safety regulations, and criminal activities highlights some of the more traditional benefits of having a modern  video surveillance system . Security cameras are now being used to monitor storage areas and to help supervise sanitation requirements. 

Insight to consider: 

Hotel surveillance camera systems combined with advanced video analytics secure the premises and keep your guests safe from theft and other crimes by tracking visitors and preventing break-ins.

Review your video management software

Your surveillance system is only as good as the  software you use to manage it. Video surveillance systems combined with advanced video analytics enable hotel staff to perform essential safety tasks. Video analytics can help manage building occupancy by tracking traffic in real-time and triggering alerts when the pre-set limit is exceeded. 

Insight to consider:  

With the right  video management software , hotel staff members can monitor multiple locations and make needed adjustments as they view data through a live stream. 

Redesign access control

When it comes to access control, hotels are a unique challenge. They want to present an open and welcoming environment while maintaining a high level of safety. This balancing act was difficult before COVID-19. In a post-pandemic environment, security integrators are helping hotels rethink and redesign access control to address safety concerns.

Insight to consider: 

More hotels are considering contactless access points to replace their traditional touch to exit/open buttons. Along with solutions to create contactless experiences for guests, hotels are also seeking technology to protect staff by eliminating touchpoints in their internal operations.

Train staff in security awareness

Physical security is important but in order to optimise their benefit hotels need to ensure their staff receives proper security awareness training. Training all employees in security awareness is more important than ever. At a minimum, staff members should know proper procedures and methods so that they feel safe in their workplace.

Insight to consider: 

While some training should cover general safety topics, others must be more specific so that staff members know how to report suspicious situations and leverage the physical security tools in place. 

Demand more from your security integrator 

Security integrators are more than just companies that install security systems. They are innovative companies that know how to connect systems to make buildings more secure and efficient. During these challenging times, hoteliers need all the help they can get and they should demand more from their security integrator. 

Insight to consider: 

It is a good practice to conduct regular physical security assessments of your property to identify vulnerabilities. Getting a detailed security assessment from a professional security integrator is an effective way to address vulnerabilities and obtain insights that will help you operate safely in this new environment. 

Whether you need security for a large, multi-floor hotel, smaller roadside motel, or a home-based bed and breakfast,  Safe and Sound Security is here to help secure your  hospitality facility. 

We leverage years of training and decades of experience to design, integrate and install comprehensive security solutions for hotels. We secure your hotel so you can safeguard the guest experience. 

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