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Facilities managers are under more pressure than ever to deliver a modern workplace that’s fit for a post-Covid world. Whilst the number of staff may have decreased owing to hybrid working, you still have a duty of care to employees who now have new requests for their working environment.

Traditional requirements such as food and drink will remain, simply due to the positive impact these kinds of perks have on wellbeing and productivity. But the way they are offered will need to change. The pandemic has shined a light on health, safety and hygiene and the ramifications are set to stay. 

There’s now greater awareness surrounding personal space and shared touch points, for example. Your current facilities will need to be adapted and new services may need to be introduced. That’s where the Micro Market can help, the future of the workplace canteen that’s better prepared for the demands of the modern world. 

The Micro Market delivers your own refreshment hub that’s designed, created, and maintained to suit the needs of each individual workplace. It can be as little or as large as you need it to be, whether that’s just a small fridge and a few shelves or a complete shop equipped with fresh food, impulse items, your very own coffee machine and more. 

The latter brings modern coffee culture into the heart of your business with fresh bean and fresh milk coffee and even fresh leaf tea. This alone is a highly desired employee perk across all industries.

All refreshments are available 24 hours a day, which is perfect if you’re wanting to continue with hybrid working. Instead of having to employ a cashier or utilise the services of an external catering company, staff don’t have to interact with anyone and instead take advantage of our bespoke self-service payment terminal for checkout.

It is this very terminal that drives efficiency through your market, with real time shopping trends that are transmitted back to our base. This enables our operators to understand what needs replenishing without you needing to contact us, which means your favourite items are always available.

It offers all the latest cashless payment facilities ranging from chip and pin through to mobile, though you can also use your dedicated market card for funds if you want to keep on top of what you’re spending per week or month. This card will also be able to inform you of purchasing habits for better insight.

Working in tandem with the screen that is present in every Micro Market, customers can keep up to date with real time promotions to encourage regular usage. These are the kind of characteristics that propel workplace refreshments into the 21st century, making them more personal than ever before. 

The Micro Market ticks all the right boxes on the topic of employee wellness, too. Think of it as a dedicated breakout area, one that can be intertwined with tables, chairs and even charging points and sofas if that’s the kind of location you want to provide.

Nothing screams wellness like taking a break. Staff can take a moment to themselves or chat to a colleague over a speciality coffee or bite to eat. Not only does this strengthen working relationships, but it also helps improve mental wellness. This is something every workplace needs to focus on moving forward.

As we head into 2022, it’s hard to find fault with the Micro Market as your modern refreshment solution. From serviced offices to manufacturing sites, it can breathe new life into any given workplace. It may even prove to be more cost-effective than your current facilities or the more traditional solutions.

So, if this sounds intriguing, contact Coinadrink today about how our Micro Market could work for your business. 

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