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Hygiene innovator Sterillo has welcome the Government’s recent announcement to trial air purifiers utilising UV light in schools to combat COVID-19. 

The trials, which aim to curb the spread of coronavirus in classrooms, are taking place in 30 schools across Yorkshire. One of the purifiers being tested features UV light, the same bug-busting technology that is found in the Sterillo DUO hand dryer and Sterillo UNO Air Purifier.

Steve Levy, Managing Director of Sterillo, said: “UV light has been proven to kill harmful bacteria and viruses in the air, leaving a more sterile and sanitised airspace for those around. It is fantastic to see the government recognising the benefits of air purification, especially given COVID-19 transmission is predominately airborne. 

“The classroom poses numerous challenges when it comes to hygiene, with children working and playing in close contact. However, we have every confidence that the technology will step up to the challenge and ensure a safe environment for both pupils and teachers. 

“We know that UV light has the potential to be a game-changing solution, not just for schools but other settings too. These trials will showcase what this technology can achieve and provide much-needed reassurance about hygiene, as people return to normality post-lockdown.”

The Sterillo DUO hand dryer and UNO Air Purifier both use the latest Germicidal UVC light technology. The unit draws in air to the mirrored killing chamber, sterilises it with UVC light rays, and recirculates clean air, rendering germs unable to multiply. 

The technology, which has been extensively tested at the UK Government’s Public Health England labs at Porton Down, has been proven to kill 98.9% of germs within one hour of being switched on. It then continues to sterilise the air continuously, up to ten times every hour. 

The Sterillo DUO hand dryer combines this air sterilisation technology with a high-performance, industry-leading hand dryer. It is the only hand dryer in the world capable of killing SARS viruses like COVID-19.  

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