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Lita Group, the established facilities management specialists, has officially launched VendMarket, its new no-contact vending service, as the next step in its automated retail model. 

Designed as a hands-free canteen – a way to access food and drink without visiting a corner shop or supermarket - the new highly configurable system features a motorised vend compartment, antimicrobial glass lining, and the ability to completely bypass the input panel via a QR code or app. 

In addition to the no-contact vend offering, VendMarket will also operate a no-contact marketplace offering. With a variety of products on shelves, shoppers can choose their items from the market ‘stalls’ and pay – cashless - with no human contact. 

With over 50 years’ experience in the catering industry, the new VendMarket offering has been created to deliver what employees want when they want it, whether that’s hot or cold food, tea, coffee, soft drinks, toiletries, vegetables or more. The bespoke product from VendMarket means that businesses can stock precisely what their staff want, while providing a consistently safe experience.

Ed Walker, General Manager of VendMarket and overall Head of Sales for Lita Group said: “This is a fantastic undertaking and a true testament to the needs of the market today. Businesses across the UK are clamouring for an upgraded vending and market-based solution beyond canned drinks and snacks – something that can serve staff needs without them needing to go off site. And at the moment, something that is – ultimately – COVID safe. 

“Our new partnership model – a revenue share system with businesses – means that vending machines no longer need to benefit only a third party. The most productive relationships in business are ones that are profitable for all parties, and this is exactly what we have achieved here.”

Unlike traditional models where vending organisations place their own systems and claim the profit, the new service from VendMarket operates on a revenue share model for a more partnership-based approach to hyperlocal shopping. 


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