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ICE Cleaning, a specialist hygiene company, is a nationwide provider of insect removal solutions. They understand the complexities and dangers associated with this kind of cleaning, and adhere to stringent safety regulations throughout their treatments.

Below, the experts take a look at why preventing insect infestations in warehouses is crucial.

Preventing delays in operation

If you have been confronted with insects in your facility, this could mean possible delays to operations while the situation is being remedied. Deadlines might be missed as a result and KPIs not met, which can be avoided with rapid insect control treatment. 

ICE Cleaning can effectively remove insect infestations from warehouses with their specialist equipment, returning the site to a safe workplace. Following work, they can also conduct a decontamination of the premises to ensure the area is fresh and sanitary.

Any delays that occur in operations add to the stress already faced by warehouse managers in a busy working environment, which can be alleviated with quick action to remove the insects. Professional pest experts are on hand to help you when you are ready.

Saving products from ruin

Should insects gain access to products through their packaging, the safety of the item will come into question. If you notice any signs of an insect infestation around your warehouse or near to goods, it is time to get it checked out by the specialists.

Insects are often attracted to food and other items stored in warehouses, so it comes as no surprise that if they have found shelter here, they will look for sustenance too. A professional pest control company will perform a detailed risk assessment prior to work being carried out to assess all dangers on site and decide on the best solution. 

Treating the problem immediately means that less products may be ruined, but all must still be checked thoroughly for insects before being processed further. Other businesses you liaise with will not accept goods that are contaminated by insects, impacting on your relationships with them.

Protecting your business 

From affecting finances to damaging the structure of your building, insects can cause serious issues for businesses.

Specialist pest technicians are able to help in emergency situations to have the infestation handled promptly. At ICE Cleaning, technicians can arrive on site within the hour to remove the insects.

To minimise any potential downtime, talk with ICE Cleaning’s customer support team about the flexible scheduling options they provide. Should you need the work carried out during the night to prevent disruption to daily tasks, then they can accommodate this.

Professional teams can also access hard-to-reach areas in the treatment, which is frequently necessary to rid premises of insects. You can then focus on getting your site back up and running again. 

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