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The Keyholding Company, the tech-enabled security services provider, has today announced the relaunch of its emergency and temporary guarding service which gives guarding and facilities managers a “subs bench” of SIA-licenced guards they can call on as cover for holiday, sickness, vacancies and unplanned absence. Designed to support both direct clients and clients serviced through channel partners, this renewed focus comes in response to the current nationwide shortage in trained security officers caused by Covid-19 and other industry challenges that have decimated resources. 

The Keyholding Company offers security services across the UK using a network of 200 highly accredited local security companies. This model extends their reach to a greater pool of talent than any other nationwide supplier, with access to circa 11,000 officers who are on hand to step in at short notice. 

Solutions Director, Sean Hargreaves noted: “Direct clients and guarding suppliers we have supported with mobile security for years are finding it increasingly difficult to ensure consistent coverage of full-time guarding positions. In the past it was possible to find resource to provide cover last minute, but now it’s a constant source of stress. Plus, when they can find the guards there are concerns about reliability, with many managers being let down at the 11th hour.”  

The company has successfully introduced their improved service offering to become one of Next’s preferred suppliers for emergency and temporary guarding. According to Dale Weatherson, Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Next, “The Keyholding Company has proven on multiple occasions to be a consistent, reliable source for quality temporary or emergency security guards. Having a trusted partner to provide competent security support when we need it most saves time and effort spent trying to find cover. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for additional support.” 

The Keyholding Company’s CEO, Charlie Gordon Lennox added: “This relaunched service transforms the way we are delivering emergency and temporary guarding. Adding a scheduling team, building new online management tools and introducing new guarding workflows in our custom-built workflow app ensures we can offer reliable, trained guards quickly.”  

Managers can also benefit from The Keyholding Company’s focus on technology. As with any service offered on-demand from the company, clients can place a guarding request online through their client platform. Job requests are then published to the network and the job is won by the first approved partner to accept it. This online process ensures rapid job delivery, clear audit trails and job status monitoring. An experienced account management and dedicated scheduling team then ensure clear briefing and consistent delivery.  

To learn more about how you might benefit from the emergency and temporary guarding service, request a call with an in-house specialist or visit The Keyholding Company’s website for more information. 

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