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Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work Go for a spin

 Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work Go for a spin

Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work, the business campus located in West London, unveiled its first ever rooftop spin class which took place on the roof of Building 7, the tallest building in the park.

A series of eight free of charge, early-morning and lunchtime spin classes will be offered to guests this week as part of Chiswick Park’s ongoing focus on wellbeing in the workplace. 

Chiswick Park is taking exercising to a whole new level, providing a great workout with incredible views of the London skyline. Each of the free of charge, high-intensity cycling sessions will be led by a fitness and spinning instructor and will last between 30-45 minutes. 

This new initiative is part of the company wellbeing focus week (8th-11th May), which looks at improving the work-life balance of the 9,000 workers on-site with a range of activities for the mind, body, and soul.

The classes are an excellent opportunity for the guests on the park to get active and to network with other companies.   

Wellbeing in the workplace is at the heart of Chiswick Park. Enjoy-Work, the estate management company, is responsible for overseeing and performing the daily operations of the park as well as offering a programme of regular activities, events and learning opportunities to its guests. 

Wellbeing Week is one of them, with over 60 events happening at Chiswick Park this week – from meditation, sports clubs, health assessments and nutritional advice workshops to vitamin drips and booster shots to help cleanse, hydrate and replenish the body - the event has everything covered. 

“We strongly believe that people who enjoy work, do better work and we want to give them as many occasions as possible to do so,” commented Matt Coulson, CEO Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work. 

The exclusive series of rooftop spin classes have proved very popular and were fully booked on the day they were promoted on District Tech, Chiswick Park’s community app. The Enjoy –Work team is also recording a growing waiting list for all other activities in high demand this week.

Chiswick Park is home to 65 of some of the world’s leading companies such as QVC, Disney, Discovery, Starbucks and Danone.

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