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Leesman Index reaches 500,000 responses milestone

The Leesman Index, an employee workplace experience and effectiveness benchmark, has reached its 500k milestone. More than half a million respondents have contributed to what is now the largest independent research project of its kind. 

In 2010, Leesman laid out a singular objective: to design a business tool that would impartially examine, at a depth and consistency never before attempted, how corporate workplaces support employee workplace experience and organisational performance. 

Since the turn of the decade, Leesman has worked with more than 300 leading multinational companies, measuring circa 185 million square foot in the public, in the private and not-for-profit sectors to help business leaders better understand how the workplace supports their employees.

The database now encompasses findings from more than half a million employees worldwide, occupying 3,500 workplaces in 90 countries. Thanks to Leesman’s policy of free dissemination of knowledge, this rich research source can be mined for the benefit of all to understand how the physical workplace creates strategic value for enterprises operating within every sector. 

Dr. Peggie Rothe, Leesman’s Development Director, said: “When I joined the Leesman team in 2014, fresh from my doctoral research, I was excited about the prospect of having a database with 67,000 respondents. Now we’ve hit 500,000 the research potential is huge. Our team will continue to challenge the international workplace community by increasing our bank of evidence, helping organisations elevate their employees experience wherever they are in the world.” 

Tim Oldman, founder and CEO, said: “Thank you to the collaborators who have shared both our intellectual curiosity and our ambition that every employee has a great place in which to work. Those clients and their advisors have transformed the data we collect into actionable insights on which they are making a new style of informed, evidence-based decisions. 

“Our mission has always been to push, probe and challenge, and this will continue to motivate us as we unearth the factors that help leadership teams to maximise their employee workplace experience. Looking ahead, the Leesman team have set numerous goals and, as we’ve reached our 500k milestone, we’re now opening up the floor to invite people to share ideas as to what we should investigate next.” 

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