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Connect Vending outlines the role of healthy vending machines in hospital environments.

Healthy vending machines reshape the healthcare landscape by being the wellness warriors. After all, it’s possible with every nutritious option they offer. 

Imagine walking through the hospital corridors and finding vending machines filled with healthy snacks. Yes, hospitals are increasingly realising the importance of healthy options.

Have you wondered why? Well, the short answer is that people want to eat better even when they grab a quick snack. So, it’s a win-win, offering healthy options and promoting wellness among staff, visitors, and also their patients. 

What is the impact of healthy vending machines?

The purpose of healthcare facilities is to promote health and wellness. So, healthy vending machines play a crucial role in creating a healthier environment for healthcare facilities. 

In an NHS hospital trial, healthier vending led to a 25% sales increase, with products having 25% less sugar and 26% fewer calories. Public Health England backed this approach to combat obesity. Salisbury District Hospital saw sales double after Doozy's healthy vending introduction. In 2015, Doozy's installation at multiple SDH sites doubled sales again. 

The study findings published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity aimed to understand how changing the availability of healthier and less healthy items in hospital vending machines impacts purchasing behaviour. Over seven four-week study periods, vending machines in one English hospital underwent different conditions, altering the proportions of healthier and less healthy products available. Results showed a significant decrease in energy purchased from drinks when less healthy options were reduced, suggesting potential for improving beverage choices. However, findings regarding snack purchases were inconclusive. Further research is needed to determine the full extent of these effects, particularly in settings with higher baseline proportions of healthier options.

It appears that healthy vending machines can leave a lasting impact. When you have healthy choices in the healthcare facilities, it aligns with the mission of these workplaces. The staff, patients, and visitors get the care they deserve along with healthy food options. It’s also a lot easier for the recovering patient to opt for snacks and beverages that don’t impact their health and are, in fact, nutritious. Plus, it’s easier for visitors to consider the healthy options. 

How healthy vending machines promote wellness in healthcare facilities 

What will you do if a healthcare facility offers unhealthy snacking? Do you think it will reflect positively? 

You understand the importance of a well-balanced diet. It's even more important for a recovering patient. When people suffer from injuries and illnesses, they need nutrition in their food choices. 

The same applies to the staff in the workplace. It's easier to expect productivity and high morale from a staff that eats a healthy diet. 

Healthy vending machines also help raise awareness about the significance of nutrition for the overall health and well-being of an individual. When healthcare facilities implant healthy vending machines in the workplace it also shows that the employers value the well-being of the staff, visitors, and patients. After all, it's the best solution! 

Thus, you can also expect a positive work culture. These vending machines are also aiding a healthy lifestyle for everyone involved in the healthcare facility. 

Healthy vending solutions at connect vending

Here at Connect Vending, we truly understand the importance of providing healthy options, especially in places like healthcare facilities. It's understandable that you care for the staff and the patients. 

That's why we've put together a selection of snacks for our vending machines that meet NHS standards, giving people nutritious choices instead of the usual sugary treats. So, consuming unhealthy snacks, especially at the healthcare facility wouldn't be an issue anymore. 

Our range of snacks is all about helping people maintain a balanced diet and lifestyle, which is particularly crucial in places focused on wellness like healthcare settings. We understand the significance of promoting wellness. 

When you choose our vending service, restocking your machines couldn't be easier. We take care of refilling them with a variety of tasty snacks and drinks, making sure there's always something wholesome available. And we don't stop there - we also handle maintenance, ensuring your staff and visitors can grab a nutritious snack whenever they need one.

We're proud to offer options for different dietary needs, whether someone is vegan, vegetarian, lactose intolerant, or gluten-sensitive. With Connect Vending, you can be confident that your vending machines are stocked with top-quality choices, promoting health and well-being for everyone.


It appears that healthy vending machines are vital for promoting wellness in healthcare facilities. It's understandable that when healthy choices are available, it's easier for the individuals at healthcare facilities to go for it! After all, being health conscious in today's time matters and it's even more significant for the patients recovering in the healthcare facilities. 


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