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Hand-inspection Machine

Since the onset of the Coronavirus, Suffolk-based manufacturer Daro UV Systems, part of the DaRo Group, has seen a sharp increase in demand for its hand inspection cabinet.  The company cites that more than 15% of large care home groups have placed an order for the product in the last month. 

The hand inspection unit provides a striking visual and educational aid for users by using UVA, long wave UV light, and light responsive Glitterbug lotion - to highlight areas where handwashing must be improved. After washing, when hands are placed in the inspection cabinet any remaining lotion will fluoresce under the ultraviolet lamp, thus demonstrating flaws in the hand washing technique of the user. By helping members of institutions and organisations identify where they need to improve handwashing technique, more effective infection control can be achieved.  

DaRo UV, an NHS approved supplier and trusted specialist in ultraviolet (UV) systems since 1985, specialises in the design and manufacture of UV products for water, air and surface disinfection and hygiene equipment – using long wave UV light. Since the onset of the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, DaRo has focused its manufacturing capability to producing as many UV products  as possible, including the hand inspection cabinet and a mobile disinfection unit. 

Mervyn Douglas, MD of DaRo Group, said: “Many care homes are facing a real challenge when it comes to maintaining the wellbeing and safety of residents, especially as we move forward during the process of fighting the virus. 

“DaRo is proud to be able to deliver products that are both educational and help support the health and wellbeing of communities and individuals. When schools begin to open up, as an example, we need to ensure children are properly educated on handwashing techniques, in order to protect family, friends and teachers. The hand inspection unit can be a strategic and uniquely striking educational tool in helping them visualise the dangers of bad handwashing, and creating lifelong habits.” 

Julian Cant, General Manager at DaRo UV Systems, added: “Proper handwashing can really help to reduce the spread of infections and cross contamination.”

“Whenever we demonstrate the cabinet for the first time, even to workers on the frontline, they are hugely impressed by its capabilities.”

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