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CIE, a distributor of audiovisual and security brands, has announced the UK launch of the A05C from Akuvox. 

The A05C is the first of Akuvox’s brand new series of smart IP access control readers and features a distinct 5" HD colour screen that is attractive and easy to use. The unit also incorporates the latest deep-learning AI and dual-camera technology, which allows for secure, touch-free verification via face recognition, Bluetooth, RFID or QR Code scanning, all of which are supported by the Akuvox SmartPlus smartphone app. 

With these features available as standard, the company says the A05C is one of the most advanced IP Access Control Readers available on the market. Furthermore, the A05C Access Reader is also available with optional thermal detection modules to check anyone entering the building for fever-like body temperatures.

“The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the world - as we return to work, school, university and other public access environments, there is a large number of high frequency 'touch points' involved in our daily lives that are likely to spread germs and viruses,” commented Chris Edwards, Marketing Director of CIE-Group. 

“With this in mind, Akuvox have been focusing on adding more products to the range that reduce these touch points during day-to-day activities by using a wide range of contactless technologies and features. The A05C is a prime example of product that Akuvox has produced to meet the demands for the growing architectural trend for COVID-secure ‘contactless pathways’ in the workplace.” 

Akuvox is a global brand for IP intercoms, access control and telephony equipment. Established globally, as well as in Europe its mission is to improve people's lives with better communication, greater security and more convenience, all through its product offering. The A05C comprehensively delivers on this promise. Featuring face recognition technology integrated into an Access Control Unit, the A05C will automatically compare the visitor’s face with a database of enrolled faces and perform automatic match notification to grant access. The unit also embraces QR code-based access control for ‘one time’ access for external visitors. Typically, residents/building managers can generate a QR code from the Akuvox SmartApp for a visitor to use on their mobile device which will allow entry to the building (or specific area) on a limited use/fixed time basis.

The A05C complete range of authentication methods for ultimate security and flexibility are:

  • Secure infrared Face Recognition.
  • QR Code (eg. for one-time access).
  • NFC, RFID and Bluetooth contactless via Smartphone, ID card or keyfob.
  • Body temperature detection (if paired up with the Akuvox MD02 unit).

The A05C Access Control Unit is IP65 rated so can be used for external gate systems and high impact areas. This advanced Access Control device also supports ONVIF open standard for effective integration with other third-party IP systems and devices such as IP CCTV cameras and NVRs.  

To watch the Akuvox A05C demo video click here.

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